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Straight-talking, expert commercial and legal support adds value to your business.

Plain English

Legalese documents are so frustrating to read. The lawyers can understand them, but what about your customers, suppliers, and employees? That's who will read them the most.

Legal documents can and should be clear, concise, and written in plain language whenever possible.

Two Scottish brewers read a contract they've just agreed. Concept: businesses are happy, customers are happy, when everyone can understand the legal fine print, plain English difference..
A contractor shakes hands with an architect on a building site. Concept: plain English contracts make doing business easier.

Fixed-fee and hourly rates

Whenever possible, we prefer to quote fixed fees. This way, the fee you pay reflects the value you receive instead of the time we put in. It also reduces your risk by giving you certainty before we start.

In some cases, the workload will be too uncertain for a fixed fee. When that happens, we offer an hourly rate and give our best estimate of the fees you can expect.

Virtual Counsel​

Traditional hourly billing models offer great flexibility, but at a high cost. Hiring in-house counsel reduces the hourly rate, but can be impractical for smaller firms.

The Virtual Counsel service is perfect for larger projects, supporting in-house legal teams, or providing part-time counsel to smaller organisations. Month-to-month plans give excellent value. Strike your own balance of price and flexibility:

  • Lower hourly rates, with day rates available.
  • No increases to your headcount.
  • No long-term commitment required.

Canadian and UK flags. Plain English Law qualified in Scotland, England, Wales and Canada, international trade, serving international clients

International Reach

International expansion can help businesses to boost their growth by opening up new and lucrative markets. For businesses looking abroad, Canada and the UK are a natural fit, with a shared language and close historical ties. Nearly 14% of Canadians claim Scottish ancestry and 21% claim English heritage.

Plain English Law combines years of commercial experience within small and medium-sized firms in Canada and the UK, with legal qualifications from British Columbia, Scotland, and England & Wales. If you're looking across the Atlantic, give us a call and we'll see how we can help.

Let's get to work in plain English.

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