Plain English Law joins trade mission to Nova Scotia

Dundee business law firm Plain English Law has been chosen to join the Lochaber Chamber of Commerce (LCC) on its virtual trade mission to Halifax, Nova Scotia this September. The online event replaces the cancelled April 2020 trade mission to Atlantic Canada’s largest city.

Plain English will be one of eight businesses from across Scotland on the 4-day virtual mission. With qualifications in both the UK and Canada, founder Trevor Fenton can advise businesses on either side of the Atlantic on the legal and practical issues at both ends of the deal.

Virtual trade missions reduce risk

Traditional in-person trade missions can be a big gamble. Unless you have established relationships at the other end, it’s a speculative investment.

With virtual trade missions, you can build meaningful relationships first. You can then decide if it’s worth going in person later. Less cash. Less time. Fewer carbon emissions. Less risk.

No better time to look to Nova Scotia

With Brexit putting question marks over existing trade relationships, there has never been a better time to look for new opportunities. In Nova Scotia, the bonds with Scotland run deep. Around 30% of Nova Scotians (and 14% of all Canadians) claim Scottish heritage, and Scots can always expect a warm welcome.

Meanwhile, other chambers of commerce across Scotland are working on virtual trade missions to other parts of Canada, including British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

Triple qualifications: more efficient

Businesses looking to export or expand need a lot of help. Using one set of lawyers for each legal system is costly and slow. With qualifications in Scotland, Canada, and England & Wales, Plain English can work with:

  1. Scottish firms wanting to trade with or invest in Canada;
  2. Canadian firms wanting to trade with or invest in Scotland or the rest of the UK; and
  3. Professional advisers in Canada helping clients to do business with or in Scotland, whether as importers, exporters, joint venture collaborators, or investors.

Interest in trading with Nova Scotia is high. The LCC is planning a second Virtual Trade Mission for November and the original trip to Halifax is tentatively rescheduled for June 2021. Also under discussion is a reciprocal trade mission, for Nova Scotia businesses to visit Scotland.

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