Trevor Fenton gets personal for Dundee podcast

The founder of Plain English Law, Trevor Fenton, made a recent audio appearance on “The Story So Far”, a podcast hosted and produced by Kerr Mathieson of Dundee-based audio experts Audio Outsource.

The production aired on 8 Sept 2020, and is the first episode of the podcast’s second series. 

“The Story So Far” series first appeared in April 2020. It features individuals and businesses speaking about their journeys: how they got to where they are now, the challenges they faced and overcame, and their goals for the future.

In Trevor’s interview, he describes his career change from Engineering to Law, his move from Canada to England to Scotland, the events that led to his decision to start his own law firm in Dundee, and how Fentons’ necessary pivot during lockdown actually improved how the firm serves its clients.

Trevor’s podcast, and the entire first series of “The Story So Far” (10 episodes), is available on the Audio Outsource website:

As well as on these popular podcast apps:

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