Why Choose Us

We cut through all the legal jargon, so documents are clear and easy to understand.

Plain English builds trust

How easy is it for your customers, suppliers and employees to understand your legal documents? Could they be wondering what's hidden in the fine print?

Now imagine concise legal documents written in plain English instead. No tiresome legalese to plod through, and just as legally binding. Best of all: with clear, everyday language, everyone knows where they stand.

That's great for business.

International reach and experience

We help businesses across the UK and Canada from our office in Dundee, Scotland. For projects spanning both countries, imagine the time and money saved by using one law firm and GDPR compliance partner instead of two.

Practical help with your privacy and data protection obligations

Privacy compliance is mostly a business problem, not a legal one. The more we understand your business objectives, the easier it is to solve the compliance puzzle.

We provide expert legal and practical advice on UK and Canadian privacy laws, including GDPR, PECR, PIPEDA and CASL.

We work with a wide variety of clients

We’re a small firm working with small to medium-sized businesses. We also have a wide range of first-hand commercial experience. We understand the challenge of building and running a smaller business.

With Plain English Law, you can expect personal, practical, empathic, and commercially smart legal advice tailored to your circumstances.

Need Help in Plain English?

Contact us today by sending a message, booking a 30-minute initial consultation at no charge or requesting a call back.

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