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We cut through all the legal jargon, so documents are clear and easy to understand.

Plain English builds trust

How easy is it for your customers, suppliers and employees to understand your legal documents? Could they be wondering what's hidden in the fine print?

Now imagine concise legal documents written in plain English instead. No tiresome legalese to plod through, and just as legally binding. Best of all: with clear, everyday language, everyone knows where they stand.

That's great for business.

Two businessmen shake hands. Concept: buying selling business, starting a new business, joint venture agreements.
A man discusses transatlantic export arrangements with a woman wearing high-vis. Concept: Plain English Law has extensive commercial experience and is qualified in the UK and Canada. We can help you export internationally.

International reach and experience

We help businesses across the UK and Canada from our office in Dundee, Scotland. For projects spanning both countries, imagine the time and money saved by using one law firm and GDPR compliance partner instead of two.

Practical help with your privacy and data protection obligations

Privacy compliance is mostly a business problem, not a legal one. The more we understand your business objectives, the easier it is to solve the compliance puzzle.

We provide expert legal and practical advice on UK and Canadian privacy laws, including GDPR, PECR, PIPEDA and CASL.

Close up of a man's hand touching digital graphics. Concept: Plain English Law helps businesses comply with GDPR, data mapping, privacy policies, DSAR and data breach responses.
Youthful business people collaborate around a table in a trendy office. Concept: Plain English Law helps young businesses spool up quickly with incorporation documents, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements..

We work with a wide variety of clients

We’re a small firm working with small to medium-sized businesses. We also have a wide range of first-hand commercial experience. We understand the challenge of building and running a smaller business.

With Plain English Law, you can expect personal, practical, empathic, and commercially smart legal advice tailored to your circumstances.

What our clients have to say:

“Getting all our contracts consolidated, cleaned up, and *without legalese* has been an amazing experience.
Thank you, Trevor Fenton and Plain English Law.”


Justin Megawarne, Managing Partner - Megaslice LLP

“Trevor offered expert knowledge and an ability to talk in plain language, which I really appreciated. I worked with him to write a contract for my mental health business, and he helped me to balance both the legal and ethical sides. I was specifically looking for expertise on how to scale my business internationally and Trevor was able to advise and offer peace of mind for how I could do this in an online world. I now feel like I can focus on what I do best, while knowing that the contractual side is solid.”

Lee McKay Doe, Psychotherapist - Therapy With Lee

“If anyone is looking for a lawyer who is easy to work with, really understands a business commercially, challenges legalese conventions and can write legal contracts and terms in plain English, I would highly recommend Trevor Fenton at Plain English Law. I founded a new e-commerce business that will trade internationally with what is quite a complex business model, and Trevor was invaluable during the set-up process. He not only produced legal contracts and terms that everyone who reads them understands (and as a result I have very few if any queries), he also helped shape the business structure and how we developed relationships with vendors and suppliers. Trevor made a big difference in getting my business to where it is now.”

Graeme Kerr, CEO & Co-Founder - Scotsoftheworld.com

Let's chat in Plain English.

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