Plain English Law was established in Scotland in 2019 and is led by solicitor Trevor Fenton, who is qualified in Scottish, English, and Canadian law.

As experienced business people ourselves, our top priority is understanding what you do, who your customers and suppliers are, their expectations and yours. We act as your trusted advisors, identifying your priorities and putting in place the right legal frameworks to protect your business and help it flourish.

And we do it all using plain, accessible English, so everyone can understand exactly what sits above the dotted line.


Our Fees

We take a flexible approach to how we charge for our services.

Experience has shown us there’s no one ‘right’ way to do it. Sometimes project-based fixed fees are the best solution. Sometimes an hourly rate is more appropriate.

We’ll work with you to find an approach that works best for both of us. As the relationship progresses and your needs change, we can always revisit how we work together.



Trevor Fenton


Lucas Nightingale

Data Privacy Consultant

We'll work with you to find an approach
to billing that works for both of us,
and will revisit the model as your needs change and our relationship progresses.